About Us

SCAD Technologies is a manufacturer of innovative marine electronics including lighting, monitor and control systems.  The company was founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Matt Salatino, Nick Cancro, Mike Appolonia and Pete Dubler.  Born from a love of sailing and diverse talents in engineering and marketing, SCAD is bringing  novel electronic products to the boating industry through a growing number of retailers, riggers and boat builders.

SCAD's first product to market was the Sensibulb™.  Originally produced by Sailor's Solutions Inc., the Sensibulb™ has undergone significant advanced LED technology and is a practical replacement bulb for incandescent marine cabin lights.  In addition, SCAD has introduced several innovative products including the SensiStat™ energy-saving refrigeration controller, the LVA™ voltage monitoring and control system and the SOLO™ and PROFILE™ onboard tank monitoring systems.  Building on its Sensibulb technology, SCAD plans to introduce its Doubloon™ product line, a novel concept in highly featured LED lighting systems.


To bring innovative electronic solutions to the marine industry.


SCAD Technologies is  headquartered in Winston Salem, North Carolina.