LVA Low Voltage Alarm and Relay

The Low Voltage Alarm and Relay provides a smart programmable alert of low battery voltage. After low voltage is maintained for a programmable delay time period, the Alarm will show a visual alert. Fifteen seconds later, an audible alert is sounded. After another 15 seconds, a high current relay is triggered, providing for the turn off or turn on of high power devices up to 30 amps. The Alarm may also be muted or disabled. The Alarm’s Low and High Voltage Thresholds as well as Delay Times have default values, but can be set by the user from 11.0 volts to 13.0 volts for low voltage and 13.5 to 16.0 volts for high voltage, and from 15 seconds to 5 minutes, in logical steps. A single 100,000 hour life illuminating LED push button provides a Visual Alarm, Special Function Control, and User Programming Interface. 

In addition to low voltage monitoring, the SCAD Low Voltage Alarm and Relay monitors excess voltage. If the battery voltage is excessively high, an over-voltage alarm will immediately sound and the LED push button will flash. The Alarm includes an on-board 85-dB buzzer that may by enabled or disabled via a pull-tab jumper.

The Alarm board will also drive a separate user-provided buzzer, bell, or light drawing up to 5 amps at 12 volts. Other existing alarm systems on your boat may be connected in series with the Low Voltage Alarm thus sharing your existing buzzer or bell.

This product is available in retail packaging including an an in-depth instruction manual.

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